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ScarySMS reviewed

March 30th, 2009

Today, scarySMS got reviewed and highly recommended (5 stars out of 5 in categories “fun” and “graphics”) by Application iPhone.

Here’s what they say about scarySMS : “during lunch with a friend I got him to wet himself with his coke thanks to scarySMS” (now that’s coool !) 🙂

Thanks guys for this very nice review, I’m glad you liked scarySMS so much !
The complete scarySMS review on Application iPhone can be found here.

(Get scarySMS from the AppStore now or learn more about scarySMS).

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Worldwide scoreboard (iEscape 1.3)

March 24th, 2009
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iEscape v1.3 is available ! This new version now includes a worldwide high scores system – see how you rank against the rest of the world !

Note: MAKE SURE TO TURN ON HIGH SCORES under ‘Settings > iEscape > Worldwide Online Scores’

You can download iEscape here, or you can learn more about iEscape here.

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iEscape LITE

March 12th, 2009
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Want to play iEscape for free ? Try the LITE version !
iEscape LITE only contains 10 levels, is missing some sound effects, has no level editor, but it’s FREE !

The iEscape full version is described in details here.

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RabbitEscape review at Puzzling iPhone

March 11th, 2009
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RabbitEscape (and iEscape) got reviewed at Puzzling iPhone, and here’s what they say “An interesting puzzle concept is available in iEscape and RabbitEscape“.

It is a very interesting review, with some critics I’ll definitly take into consideration for the next updates (I am working on an update introducing new game modes, offering unlimited-time as well as free level choice).

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Save the easter bunny !

March 10th, 2009

RabbitEscape is an iEscape-clone, with a more kids-friendly/cute design, and 21 original levels!

RabbitEscape : cute puzzle challenges on iPhone

The easter bunny got lost in the garden !
Help him find the way out so he can deliver the easter eggs on time !

RabbitEscape is an easy to learn, cute and immersive puzzle/logic game.

RabbitEscape features 21 levels of increasing difficulty, ranging from easy beginner levels to more complex levels requiring fast thinking and precise moves (did I mention time is limited ? hihi).

Featuring cute graphics and sound effects, RabbitEscape is ideal for the whole family – kids will love its looks, while parents will get some real challenge with the more advanced levels.

Will you find the way out ? Will you be able to save the easter bunny in time ? Good luck !

RabbitEscape is available from the AppStore – You can learn more about RabbitEscape here.

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