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Spot It! MANIA updated – now with over 100 images!

September 1st, 2009

le jeu des 7 différences pour iPhone 3GS / find the differences / iPhone gameMy highly rated find the differences game Spot It! MANIA for iPhone has just been updated to v1.2.0, this new version has been tested for iPhone OS 3.0 / iPhone 3GS and also adds a new serie of images to play with!

Spot It! MANIA now features over hundred (yes, more than 100!) original images, ranging from easy beginner images to difficult mania-mode-only images!

SpotIt! MANIA main features are :

  • 5 games modes:
    • Classic : old school find the differences
    • Time Attack : time limited mode
    • BlindSpot : great mode for training your visual memory
    • InstaSpot : we won’t tell you, you’ll have to unlock this mode to learn more !
    • MANIA! : the ultimate “find the differences” mode
  • smart game engine:
    • makes sure you do not see the same images again and again
    • chooses adapted images for each game mode
  • built-in achievements & awards system to track your progression
  • over 100 original images in many different styles to please all kind of players:
    • photos
    • abstract designs
    • landscapes
    • close-ups / macro
    • drawings
  • progressive difficulty (unlockable modes get harder, faster, better !)

Try Spot It! MANIA now! You can get if from the AppStore for your iPhone / iPod!

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SpotIt! More pictures are on the way…

June 6th, 2009
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An update to Spot It MANIA! has just been submitted and should be available in approx. one week. This new version adds over 20 images to the game!

SpotIt! MANIA! is available here (free for a limited time) !

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Outlaws the DUEL: 4.6/5

May 16th, 2009
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Outlaws got a very very good review from AppleItems. It scored 4.6 out of 5: “this is a great, great, application” – thanks guys! It’s always nice to get such positive feedback and reviews !

You can watch the video review of Outlaws the DUEL here.

You can download Outlaws: the DUEL here – check it out ! Get Outlaws, multiplayer cowboy game, from the AppStore for iphone

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SpotIt! MANIA is available !

May 12th, 2009
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SpotIt! MANIA, my latest iPhone / iPod touch game is now available, and it is available at the special price of… FREE! Go get it NOW!

click here to get SpotIt MANIA

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SpotIt! MANIA is coming

May 6th, 2009
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SpotIt! MANIA has been submited to the AppStore and should be available anyday now! Yipee!

Spot it! MANIA is another take at the classic “find the differences” concept. But Spot It! brings some fresh air to the genre: it offers five (5!) game modes, has a cool awards & achievements system (follow your progression, stats, medals, rank and unlock new game modes) and features over 60 original images in many diverse styles (photos, abstract designs, landscapes, close-ups, drawings, etc). We’ve put a lot of time and effort in making Spot It! MANIA the best of its genre, and hope you’ll enjoy it! Available very soon for iPhone & iPod touch!

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