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Sexy-o-meter : are you sexy ?

August 21st, 2009
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Our latest application is now available: Sexy-O-Meter is a precise sexyness-level calculator !

Sexy-o-Meter : are YOU SEXY ? Find out now!

Unlike many others, Sexy-O-Meter uses a real image algorithm to compute your sexy-score, see who’s hot and who’s not !

Tip: use portrait pictures for best resultats.

Just in case, Sexy-O-Meter also has a special hidden feature: instead of pushing the normal “start” button to calculate your sexy score, you can use 2 secret buttons:

  • touch on top-left of screen to make sure you get a top score (yeah baby, we don’t want you to feel stupid in front of your friends 🙂 )
  • touch on top-right of screen to make sure the score will be super low, haha!

Get Sexy-o-meter for your iPod / iPhone 3G / iPhone 3GS now !

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