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Fleurs de Montagne (Alpes) (FR) : Grâce à l’application Fleurs de Montagne pour iPhone (aussi adaptée pour iOS7), iPad et smartphones Android vous pourrez désormais reconnaître facilement les jolies fleurs que vous rencontrerez au cours de vos prochaines ballades dans la nature et vous initier au plaisir de la découverte de nouvelles fleurs.

Fleurs de Montagne est le compagnon idéal de vos ballades, excursions et randonnées. Grâce à son système de filtrage par différents critères (couleur de la fleur, période de floraison ou altitude) vous trouverez rapidement ce que vous cherchez.

En plus des différentes listes filtrées par couleur, période ou altitude vous pouvez aussi consulter la liste complète et les fiches individuelles de chaque fleur.

Bonnes randonnées !
Plus d'info Fleurs de Montagne icon

c'est la saison des ballades, suivez le guide Fleurs de Montagne (Alpes) sur votre iPhone (aussi iOS7), iPad, smartphone Android et partez découvrir les fleurs de nos régions

SpotIt! MANIA : a new take at the classic "find the differences" concept, but Spot It! brings some fresh air to the genre, see below:
  • 5 game modes
  • Awards & achievements system: follow your progression, stats, medals, rank and unlock new game modes
  • Over 60 original images in many diverse styles
  • Available in english, français, Deutsch, espanol
  • We've put a lot of time and effort in making Spot It! MANIA the best of its genre, and hope you'll enjoy it!

Learn more here Spot it mania icon

spot the differences mania on your iPhone, with five game modes, lots of original images, unlock more game modes, awards

Sexy-o-Meter : Sexy-O-Meter is a precise sexyness-level calculator ! Unlike many others, Sexy-O-Meter uses a real image algorithm to compute your sexy-score, see who’s hot and who’s not !

Just in case, Sexy-O-Meter also has a special hidden feature: instead of pushing the normal “start” button to calculate your sexy score, you can use 2 secret buttons:
  • touch on top-left of screen to make sure you get a top score (yeah baby, we don’t want you to feel stupid in front of your friends :)
  • touch on top-right of screen to make sure the score will be super low, haha!

Get it here Sexy-o-Meter icon

Sexy-o-meter - sexyness-level calculator with a twist (secret hidden function!)

Outlaws: the DUEL : play it Sentenza-style in this old-west-themed gunfights game!
  • Single player mode : train to become a real six shooter ace and out gun Brutal Pedro, Badass Al and many other outlaws
  • Duel mode : battle against your friends in classic western shootout style in TWO PLAYER DUEL mode
  • Advanced options : use YOUR OWN PHOTOS in game (pets, friends, ex-girlfriend, your boss, ... , any picture or photo !!)

Learn more here Outlaws the DUEL icon

Outlaws : cowboy gunfights, six shooters, wild wild west, western, far west, fast draw, precision, speed : be the last man standing on your iPhone!

RabbitEscape : save the easter rabbit! RabbitEscape is an iEscape-clone, featuring 21 original levels, with a cute kids-friendly design so the whole family can enjoy it.
  • cute kids-friendly design
  • quick-to-learn and immersive concept
  • help the easter bunny ;-)
  • >20 levels to enjoy

Learn more here RabbitEscape iPhone icon

RabbitEscape : logic puzzle for kids and family on iPhone

iEscape is an extremely addictive game for iPhone/iPod touch that requires thinking, speed and precision.
  • quick-to-learn and immersive concept
  • 50 levels to put your skills to the test
  • carefully calibrated handling
  • clear and neat design
  • sound effects specially created for iEscape
  • integrated level editor
  • worldwide online scores

Learn more here iescape iPhone icon
iEscape is the best maze logic puzzle fast iPhone game

iEscape best reflection maze iPhone game

scarySMS is a "scare-your-friends" / "joke" application for iPhone / iPod touch.

Use scarySMS to scare your friends, colleagues, girlfriend / boyfriend or anyone you wish !

scarySMS has been thoroughly tested on many innocent victims... it works perfectly ;-)

Learn more here scarysms iPhone icon
scarySMS is the perfect screamer application

QuickTasks is a simple and elegant task management software for your iPhone or iPod touch.
  • Auto-selection of next thing to do
  • Sticky tasks for important tasks
  • No complicated GTD methodology
  • No discouraging unending to-do lists

Learn more here QuickTasks iPhone icon
simpler than GTD, QuickTasks for iPhone

More fun games coming soon for your iPhone / iPod touch, check back soon.
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