About iEscape

iEscape is an extremely addictive game that requires thinking, speed, precision and a fair amount of ice cold blood.

The idea: you are trapped in a maze where you can move the walls, and you must reach the exit. iEscape menu : Play Scores About
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Seems too easy ? And with limited time ? 50 levels to beat ? Increasing difficulty ? Complex level structures ? The time ticking away while you vainly search for a solution to escape ?

The success of your brain-power and agility, the satisfaction of pushing your limits, the glory of surviving all 50 levels in iEscape ... but will you be fast enough to overcome the 2nd level of difficulty and reach the top 10 ? Maybe even become THE number 1 ? You think you can do it ? Then what are you waiting for ? Go and prove it !

iEscape features:
  • integrated worldwide highscores
  • a challenge based on reflection and speed
  • a simple but immersive concept
  • 50 levels to put your skills to the test (more levels coming soon)
  • carefully calibrated handling tailored to the iPhone
  • clear and neat design
  • sound effects specially created for iEscape
Coming soon:
  • integrated level editor to create your own challenges
Will you find the way out ? Do you have what it takes to beat iEscape ?
There's only one way to know... try it now !

  iEscape : title screen  iEscape : level 3  iEscape : main menu  iEscape : level 4

  iEscape : help  iEscape : level 5  iEscape : top scores  iEscape : level 9
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